Bringing automation to more people

Cobot designs and builds high quality, reliable automation systems at affordable prices, to help more Australian companies be increasingly efficient and benefit from new technology. We are committed to small to medium sized manufacturers, as we know that automation creates jobs, rather than destroy them

We fabricate and sell Cobot random size carton erectors, made here in Dandenong. Custom made for your carton sizes.

Custom Palletising

When the standard Cobot Palletisier does not fit your needs, we can quote a custom palletising system

We have a trusted partnership with JAKA Robotics and exclusively sell them in Australia.

We chose JAKA owing to their large range of payloads and reach, and their high quality, high reliability and affordable pricing

We are a proud specialist re-seller of Ewellix Cobot vertical lift and slide Kits. Extend the reach of your cobot.

We have partnered with AaRM to design and develop solutions for our customers - using the latest Mark Forged 3D Printers and scanners.

We utilise JAKA cobots to automate your carton palletising. Standard Australian Chep pallets up to 1.3m high can be palletised without need for a vertical lift.

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