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JAKA Zu 3 (Aud+GST)

JAKA Zu 3 (Aud+GST)


The JAKA Zu 3 presents cutting-edge human-robot collaboration. Through drag and graphic programming, the cobot is easy to use and operate with no prior experience necessary.

​The in-built torque feedback ensures safety, regardless of how much of the 3kg payload is used, across its working radius of 626mm.

​It’s perfect for screwdriving, electronic assembly, small surface pick and place, and other line and maintenance tasks. Its mounting options allow it be placed anywhere – fixed on a slant, upside-down, or even vertically.

​Its compact size, together with full functionality, makes it suitable for 3C electronics and advanced manufacturing.

​Weight is 12kg, payload is 3kg, work radius is 626mm.


(price subject to GST)

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