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JAKA Zu 12 (Aud + GST)

JAKA Zu 12 (Aud + GST)


The JAKA Zu 12 with a payload of 12kg and working radius of 1327mm, can complete manual tasks -replacing at least two workers- and can do so for 50,000 hours non-stop.

Thanks to its 6-axis configuration, the JAKA Zu 12 is reliable and accurate, with an outstanding repeatability of ±0.03 mm.

For such a high payload, it is relatively light, and can be mounted at any angle – vertical, horizontal, and anything in between.

The flexibility, safety and reliability combined make it perfect for work in the automotive and auto parts industry, advanced manufacturing, household appliances industryfor food packaging and much more.

​The self-weight is less than 41 kg, the bearing capacity is 12 kg and the working radius is 1327 mm.


(price subject to GST)

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