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Collaborative Robots

At Cobot, we not only sell and install turnkey robotic systems in Australia, we can specify the right JAKA model for your requirements. The price includes the robot, robot controller, pendant and software.

jaka 3.png

The JAKA Zu 3 presents cutting-edge human-robot collaboration. Through drag and graphic programming, the cobot is easy to use and operate with no prior experience necessary.

 The in-built torque feedback ensures safety, regardless of how much of the 3kg payload is used, across its working radius of 626mm.

It’s perfect for screwdriving, electronic assembly, small surface pick and place, and other line and maintenance tasks. Its mounting options allow it be placed anywhere – fixed on a slant, upside-down, or even vertically.

Its compact size, together with full functionality, makes it suitable for 3C electronics and advanced manufacturing.

Weight is 12kg, payload is 3kg, work radius is 626mm.

With a payload of 5kg, and a working radius of 954mm, the Jaka Zu 5 cobot is perfectly suited for repetitive operations such as picking and placing, welding, assembly and more.


Its features are fine-tuned for use in 3C electronics, automotive and other industries that require high levels of accuracy.


The JAKA Zu 5's visual and collision protection systems, ensure that they can operate in harsh and unpredictable environments.


The compact size and flexible mount options make it easy to place at any angle – vertically, horizontally, on a slope or even on the ceiling, upside-down.

Weight is 23kg, payload is 5kg, work radius is 954mm.

Jaka zu 7 - final.png

 With a payload of 7kg, JAKA Zu 7 can perform for 50,000 hours non-stop, at a working radius of 819mm.


The Jaka 7 is ideal for performing repetitive tasks, such as, welding, packaging, palletizing, picking and placing and more.


 It can do so mounted at any angle – on a horizontal surface, a vertical surface, on a slope or hanging from the ceiling.

Weight is less than 22kg, payload 7kg, working radius is up to 819mm.

The JAKA Zu 12 with a payload of 12kg and working radius of 1327mm, can complete manual tasks -replacing at least two workers- and can do so for 50,000 hours non-stop.


Thanks to its 6-axis configuration, the JAKA Zu 12 is reliable and accurate, with an outstanding repeatability of ±0.03 mm.


For such a high payload, it is relatively light, and can be mounted at any angle – vertical, horizontal, and anything in between.


The flexibility, safety and reliability combined make it perfect for work in the automotive and auto parts industry, advanced manufacturing, household appliances industry, for food packaging and much more.

The self-weight is less than 41 kg, the bearing capacity is 12 kg and the working radius is 1327 mm.

jaka 12.png

The JAKA 16 Pro can handle payloads of up to 16kg, with a working radius of 1713mm while being highly precise, with a repeatability of ±0.02mm.

Its IP68 grade protection ensures that it can operate optimally in dusty or wet environments, making it ideal for machining, automotive, agriculture, the food industry and more.

It can operate in environments that range in temperature from -10C to +50C.

The JAKA Pro 16, the largest of the Pro series, can handle payloads of up to 16kg, with a working radius of 1713mm.

The JAKA Zu 18 collaborative robot has the largest payload in the range – 18kg – with a significant working radius of 1073mm.


It can perform heavy lifting tasks but can also be used for delicate and accurate tasks. 


With 6-axis configuration, the cobot has an  outstanding repeatability of ±0.03 mm.


It features visual and torque-feedback collision protection systems that allow is to operate in any environment.


JAKA Zu 18 is perfect for use in myriad tasks: packaging, palletizing, welding, testing, screw tightening, mold injection, bonding and more.

Weight is  35 KG, loading 18KG, working radius is up to 1073mm.

Zu 18 Render 02.30.png
JAKA Mini Cobot.png

The JAKA MiniCobo, (the smallest of the range) is  light, compact, highly flexibile, and easy to  install.

It uses an integrated intelligent drive module to achieve a lightweight design.

JAKA MiniCobo with a 6-axis configuration, is small and simple and operates intuitively with low noise. 

±0.1mm Repeatability, 580 mm Reach and 1kg Payload.

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