Cobot Palletising

Capable of handling boxes up to 9kg this system palletises up to a height of 1300mm without using a vertical lifter. With a lifter, heights up to 2m are possible. While Cobot is the Australian distributer of JAKA robots, other major brands could optionally be used. We install the complete turnkey system, so you only need to press start.

Operators find the system simple and safe.

The robot stops in a protective state whenever an operator enters the cell. Despite being a collaborative robot, it’s a hybrid system utilising light curtains, fencing or sensors to reduce the risk and increase operating speeds. Speeds up to 7 cartons per minute are achieved, depending on the packing pattern and box weight. With a price from under AUD$100,000 + GST and a typical ROI of under one year, warranty and local support, the decision to purchase is made easy. This is a truly flexible packing solution. Designed in Australia for local companies