Carton Erector

Cobot fabricate and sell our range of random Robotic carton formation machines. They are designed to be used with any collaborative robot, or industrial robot. Our team have developed a system, that allows the end user, to simply place their flat cartons in the feed magazine, and press start.

We will pre-program the robot to suit your cartons.

We will train your operator to easily change programs when carton sizes change.

Reduce footprint and increase flexibility, The robot can be re-programmed easily and moved to other processes.

You can buy a JAKA Cobot from us, or use any other brand of Cobot. Either way, we will support you and ensure you get the right solution.

  • up to 7 boxes per minute

  • 6 Bar Air Pressure

  • 2" Taper

  • Made in Dandenong South, Victoria.